Reef Series Anti-Ageing

Everybody Ages, Naturally

At the cellular level, ageing is characterised by the cell’s activity gradually reducing until the cell only functions to a limited extent.

Proteins in human cells are repeatedly damaged during normal cell metabolism. This is mainly due to oxidative damage, and causes Proteins to lose their function. They can only be repaired to a limited extent, and usually have to be degraded and removed from the cell.

The degradation process in cells is managed by a highly specialised cellular recycling factory called the Proteasomal system, whose core element is the 20S Proteasome.

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The Proteasome

The Proteasome


Due to its ring structure the Proteasome resembles a refuse bin

Proteins that need to be degraded are moved into the Proteasome, broken down into amino acids and peptides and then degraded products are transported OUT of the cell

How important is this process? So important that in 2004, the discovery of the Proteasomal Protein degradation process was awarded with a Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Activating the Proteasome

Experiments have shown that activation of the Proteasome results in enhanced cellular survival, extended lifespan, and an increased capacity to cope better and faster with various oxidative stressors, primarily through a higher rate of degradation.

Activating the Proteasome also encourages the renewal of Proteins. The Proteasome detoxifies the cells from stress damage and therefore delays the first signs of ageing.

These findings have opened the way for an extensive search for compounds that activate the Proteasome

Active Ingredient: PROTOLEA ®


Reef Series Anti Ageing Serum contains PROTOLEA®, a novel compound which includes extract of olive leaf, jujube and levan. PROTOLEA® enhances cellular survival, by activating the Proteosomal system.

Oleuropein from Olive Leaf extract has high anti-oxidative properties and protect the skin by neutralising free radicals directly in the skin.

Extract from Jujube enhances the antioxidative defence system of the skin, preventing the formation of oxidised Proteins. Well known for its tonic properties, Jujube extract provides dull and tired skin with a new burst of freshness.

The polysaccharide Levan works to reduce the first indications of skin ageing such as the development of smaller wrinkles, whilst providing moisture to tighten and strengthen the skin. Sugar cane (image) is the main raw source of Levan

PROTEOLEA® - Studies


After 14 and 28 days’ application, the test subjects in the age group 41– 45 (average 44.4 years) displayed a wrinkle depth which on a calculated basis would be expected in a test subject of 41.1 and 38.3 years respectively. This corresponds to rejuvenating the wrinkles by 3.3 and 6.1 years within 14 and 28 days!

After 14 and 28 days’ application, the test subjects in the age group 46– 50 (average 47.2 years) displayed a wrinkle depth which on a calculated basis would be expected in a test subject of 44.3 and 41.9 years. This corresponds to rejuvenating the wrinkles by 2.9 and 5.3 years within 14 and 28 days respectively.

Active Ingredient: LIFTONIN-XPRESS®


 LIFTONIN®- XPRESS is an innovative, instant tightening and lifting active ingredient that is based on the development of edible film used in the food industry,

It contains a lyophilisate made from a Microalga which has cells that continuously secrete a mucous made of sulphated Polysaccharides (or Phycocolloids) which protectively surround the cell like a gel capsule.

LIFTONIN®- XPRESS contains these macromolecular Phycocolloids embedded in a film matrix made from natural polymers. The physical tightening effect is intense, immediately noticeable and lasts for several hours.


Aim of Study

To verify rapid wrinkle smoothing in eye area (Crow’s feet, squinting lines, laughter lines) upon application of LIFTONIN®- XPRESS.




21 test subjects participated in the study. The age distribution was between 49 – 64 years of age. A light gel with 3 % LIFTONIN®- XPRESS was applied to one eye in a randomly determined pattern in the area of the eye wrinkles. The same gel without LIFTONIN®- XPRESS (placebo) was applied to the other eye in the area of the eye wrinkles. Wrinkle depth was measured before and 1 hour after the application.


The single application of 3 % LIFTONIN®-XPRESS led, within one hour, to a statistically significant reduction of the wrinkle volume (– 31 %) and the roughness (– 12 %).

The application of a placebo, in contrast, demonstrated no statistically significant effect.

After application of 3 % LIFTONIN®- XPRESS, wrinkle volume had improved in 79 % of the volunteers and roughness was reduced in 90 % of the volunteers. The maximum reduction amounted to 74 % (wrinkle volume!).

Active Ingredient: AQUARICH®



AQUARICH® is a unique skin moisturiser which has proven deeply effective and long-lasting improvement in skin hydration

Extract of black oats contains water-retaining substances such as polysaccharides and amino acids. In this way the skin‘s own NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor) is supported. 

Plant-based lecithin strengthens the lamellar lipid matrix of the epidermis, reducing trans-epidermal water loss.

AQUARICH® - Studies

The aim of the study is to investigate the effect of AQUARICH® on skin moisture. For this a transparent gel was applied once in an in-vivo study.

Even 2% AQUARICH® already has a longer lasting effect in all layers of the epidermis compared with the placebo.

Active Ingredient: DEFENSIL PLUS®